The Pigeon Gang is a collection of 10,000 nft arts programmatically, randomly generated from over 250 assets.

Each Pigeon is unique with features, identities and personalities combined from many different categories.
All Pigeons stored as an ERC-721 token.

The pre-sale is live!


Make sure you’re the OG pigeon and grab your reserved Pigeon Gang NFT!

What is Pigeon Gang?

Glad to meet you! The pigeon gang is a fantastic world of birds, we live side by side with. We see them every day on the city’s streets, but we do not always pay attention to them. It’s time to prove how boring and incomplete life was without them! They took to the streets with microphones, baseball bats, and lightsabers, so brace yourself! Pigeons are ready to amuse and surprise you so that even the saddest faces could be decorated with a smile. So grab a Pigeon each, and we’ll all meet together in our metaverse!

Community driven project


We are concerned about the ecological problem

The Community Vault serves to you



All Pigeon Holders will get a chance to be airdropped a Rare Pigeon. A total of 10 Rare Pigeons will be airdropped. Also, do not forget to feed the pigeons in the area.

All Rare Pigeon Holders will get a chance to be airdropped an Epic Pigeon. A total of 5 Epic Pigeons will be airdropped. We push meme contest with 1 ETH reward.

Community wallet is activated. 25 ETH from sales will automatically be transferred to the Charity Fund via smart contract. A community poll will be created to choose which animal charity to donate to.

Exclusive merch drops to 200 Pigeon holders. Community wallet will get 25% of the ongoing Royalties we receive from Opensea from the sales of Pigeon NFTs. A community poll will be created to choose a direction the project will continue to move. It all depends on the Pigeon Gang NFT holders.

10,000th Pigeon airdropped to a random Pigeon Gang NFT holder. We issue Roadmap 2.0 as we continue to build the Pigeon Gang Community! According to the poll results, we either start working on Pigeon Gang Metaverse NFT game or creating an incredible Pigeon Gang cartoon universe.


Randomly generated Pigeon collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. There are 10,000 in total and each has some traits. They are classified into 5 levels according to rarity, Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Each unique Pigeon Gang NFT is a randomized art picture, with its traits and original picture data stored on IPFS, which cannot be tampered with. 10 of the 10,000 Pigeon Gang are NOT randomized and are hand-crafted, so they are extremely rare.

0.06 ETH and gas fee per transaction. If you need mint more than 1 each time, you will save gas fees.

With the MetaMask plug-in installed, open the Pigeon Gang official website and unlock and authorize MetaMask to log in to the Ethereum mainnet, and click the purchase button to get your own Pigeon.

The presale date is TBA, more details coming soon.
The launch date is TBA, more details coming soon.

You will be able to see your Pigeon Gang on OpenSea. You can list it for sales or you can just leave it there and wait for an offer to come. Keeping a Pigeon Gang in your wallet is a good idea, as it qualifies you for a lot of freebies like lucky-draw, airdrop, first sale rights, and many more.

We want to encourage trading and will set royalties at 2.5%.



You are not in the whitelist. If you think it is a mistake, contact our staff on the discord server.